Online Fitness & Wellness Coaching

Whats included?

Follow a bespoke fitness program designed just for you, and start making those healthy lifestyle changes with your own coach anywhere in the world.

Sit Ups

Workout program designed just for you

After an initial video chat consultation, your coach will begin designing a workout program designed specifically for your needs and requirements. For home workouts or the gym.

Black Smartphone

Exclusive access to an easy to follow app

Your program will come with demonstration videos on an app, making it easy to follow and easily accessible.

Bowl of Berries

Optional nutritional tracking and advice

Diets are a no go here at Gym & Tonic! However if you would like some help and advice on nutrition this can be added to your app for no extra cost.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Video chat check ins with a coach

To help create some accountability and ensure you are happy with your program, each week you will have a video chat check in with your coach.


Join now!

To join the Gym & Tonic online coaching, contact Jordan via phone or email to get pricing and book your free consultation.





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