About me 

Hi, I’m Jordan. A personal trainer and online coach with an anti-diet, health at every size approach to fitness. 

I want to help you gain the happiness and confidence you may have lost, improve your body image, get fitter and stronger and just generally enjoy movement! 

I studied dance at university, and although I am in a privileged body, standing in a leotard in front of a mirror with 20 other girls probably effected me more than I realised. I did the skinny teas, and the fasting, the apple cider vinegar, my fitness pal, macro tracking- it may not have been the standard slimming world or weight watchers but I believe they’re all equally as damaging! 

Which ever way you may have done it the end goal is always the same; to change your body so it fits into societal norms. 

Fast forward a year or 2 and I stumbled across intuitive eating, intuitive exercise and the health at every size movement. Letting go of diet culture and learning to appreciate your body for what it is, is honestly life changing, which is why I want to help you do the same. 





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