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I truly believe that to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself, your mind and body must work in synchronisation with each other. You can exercise and eat greens as much as you like, but if your mind   Isn’t happy, then in my eyes you can’t be truly healthy. Exercise doesn’t have to be punishment for hating your body or to earn food. Exercise should be a celebration of your body, you should move it because you can and because it feels good. Right now, a healthy lifestyle might seem just too difficult to achieve, but my promise to you is that together, we will make it possible. 


About Me

Making a Positive Impact

Hi, I’m Jordan. A personal trainer and online coach with an anti-diet, health at every size approach to fitness. 

I want to help you gain the happiness and confidence you may have lost due to diet culture and it’s messed up ways. You weren’t born hating your body and I want to help you fall back in love with it again. 

I studied dance at university, and although I am in a privileged body, standing in a leotard in front of a mirror with 20 other girls probably effected me more than I realised. I did the skinny teas, and the fasting, the apple cider vinegar- it may not have been the standard slimming world or weight watchers but I believe they’re all equally as damaging! 

I then qualified as a personal trainer and constantly worried that I didn’t ‘look’ like a personal trainer. So I got into my fitness pal and tracked my calories and my macros to the absolute T. Honestly, it’s not fun. It meant I couldn’t eat certain things if I went for dinner and days I went over my calories came with guilt. I’d feel shame if I missed a workout and felt so down when I couldn’t physically see changes in the mirror I was so desperately trying to make. 

Fast forward a year or 2 and I stumbled across intuitive eating, intuitive exercise and the health at every size movement. It’s a continuous journey but so far I have learnt A LOT. I now exercise and eat for enjoyment and health. I love my body and the freedom I now have mentally and physically. 


Private 1:1 Training

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also how it feels on the inside. I am here to make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for? Book a free consultation today!


Group sessions 

If you and a friend or partner are looking to train together then I can train you in groups of 2 or 3. Unlike many trainers, this comes at no extra cost so you can split the fee between you. What are you waiting for? Book your free consultation today!


Home Visits 

If getting to the gym isn’t an option for you, then perhaps working out at home with my guidance is the option for you. If you live In or around Leicester then I will come out and deliver your session from the comfort of your home. 

Pregnant Yoga

Ante & Post natal 

If you are pregnant and want some guidance on keeping fit throughout your pregnancy, or need some assistance returning to exercise after birth, then get in touch about personal training sessions. With a qualification in pre and post natal exercise, I am passionate about helping women through this incredible and life changing experience. 


Online Training

Work with me anywhere in the world with my online training packages. Offering programs, video chat check ins and constant support, my online programs are sure to keep you motivated and happy around your busy lifestyle.


Client Testimonials

‘5*!!! Hands down the worlds best PT. Jordan has been training me for 8 months and I have never looked forward to the gym so much. She makes training so fun and rewarding and I have hit so many goals thanks to her motivation and plan. I just can’t find the words to express how awesome she is, book her and you will not regret it!!‘

’I first met Jordan when she took a spin class & we got chatting afterwards regarding personal training sessions...I was looking to start with a personal trainer & after seeing Jordan in class & from the conversation we had  I knew she would be exactly what I was looking for!
I have been training with her now for around 9 weeks & the difference is incredible...
I was suffering from back issues...these have now completely gone...her tailored programmes have resolved that issue & I am feeling much stronger, toned & generally better about how I look.
She is great company & I feel completely at ease with her...she pushes me at exactly the right pace & I feel I am getting exactly what I want from the sessions.  
I just wish I could see her 3 times a week!’

‘Having Jordan as my PT has change my whole out look on fitness and myself. I was really lacking confidence with my appearance I hated my body and felt like I didn’t belong at the gym. I didn’t have a clue what to do or what any of the machines were for.Jordan is kind, caring and extremely generous with her time. She tailored our sessions specifically for me, they were fun and what we did seemed achievable at the same time as working me extremely hard! The sessions gradually got harder and more experimental and now I feel confident enough to go to the gym on my own and have a proper varied work out. I understand what exercises target what areas and how to achieve my goals. I’m much more confident. I like my body and what with Jordan’s help I’ve managed to achieve with it. Jordan is an incredible support, she’s so understanding and she pushes you and nurtures you in a way that you feel you can achieve the world!’ 


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Get in touch and start your fitness journey today.

Unit 3 Raw Dykes Rd, Leicester LE2 7JZ, UK


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