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All bodies have the right to enjoy exercise. In a world where only certain bodies are desired, I want to show you that you can become at peace with your body, no matter size, shape or ability. Movement can be so wonderful, and should be used for enjoyment! Mental and physical health are just as important as each other, which is why training with me, means no judgement, no diet talk, but putting you and your happiness first. Exercise doesn’t have to be punishment for hating your body or to earn food. Exercise should be a celebration of your body, you should move it because you can and because it feels good. Right now, a healthy lifestyle might seem just too difficult to achieve, but my promise to you is that together, we will make it possible. Whether your goal is to improve your thoughts and feelings around your body image, improve energy and mood, improve strength and mobility, or just to have fun, I’m here to help.


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